my sketchbook


Living away from my full-time home is surprisingly busy. I brought lots of linen, embroidery thread and just enough leather to play with new pouches and clutches.



I’ve assembled a rag tag team of thrift store frames in black, silver and gray for cheap, easy apartment wall decor. Planning to display black & white family photos – more to follow.
And, from my sketchbook


…it’s all about birds – birds of a feather.






Finished product later this week.
Oh, and happy spring! Ohio is downright balmy!
Flat and balmy. 🙂

6 thoughts on “my sketchbook

  1. I just love seeing what is happening in your creative world. Those frames are great, and the sketchbook… swoon! Every time I see a post from you I have to rush right over and see!Enjoy the day, Miss Lori!Erin

  2. Love your drawings… Always so wonderfully happy and colorful. I really enjoy seeing them.. And I am just really in to birds lately! Are you thinking of selling them in your shop or is this purely artistic release and inspiration for the moment?Great buy on the frames.Jenni

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