Studio Waterstone, the blog, encompasses all of the things I’m passionate about including art, creativity, inspiration, handbags, recycled leather, lots of DIY projects, and a healthy dose of humor.
About Me:
I’m Lori Plyler, the face behind Studio Waterstone. I’ve been creating goodies my entire life – from aluminum foil barbie doll dresses when I was a budding six year old fashion designer to recycled leather handbags and the sweet little things that go inside.

Prior to designing eco-friendly handbags, I meandered through life as a graphic artist, a portrait artist (also dabbling in architectural renderings during this time if someone would pay me),  and jewelry artist.


About Studio Waterstone Handbags:

Studio Waterstone creates unique, earth friendly handbags and accessories for the discerning, eco chic customer who believes that caring for the environment and being stylish go hand in hand. 
Our products are made using primarily recycled and repurposed materials including distressed leather, fabric, and hardware. Each Studio Waterstone handbag is a meticulously crafted, one-of-a-kind work of art created to be used for years to come.
For more information about Studio Waterstone, you can visit our website at: http://studiowaterstone.com
 See our design process, from start to finish!

You can also…
I’m practically everywhere and impossible to lose.

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