home is where the studio is


Or is it? I returned “home” last night after an exhausting 9 hour drive and it seems that I’ve grown discombobulated. Home is now in two different places and each time I arrive at a destination, it doesn’t feel like home if I’m not with my other half. Know what I mean?
At any rate, I’m at the original location which houses my permanent studio and THAT I’m happy about. I missed all of my things. Seems that you can’t take it all with you when you go – believe me, I’ve tried.


But enough about me. Let’s talk bags.


I’m ready to work on new ideas which will be lighter and more airy – like the season – with a touch of leather for good measure. For those of you who are looking for full leather, it’ll be just a while longer.


I’m excited to carry on with all of those ideas bursting to be free from my sketchbook.
Can’t WAIT to share them with you. Soon.
Have a wonderful day. Create.

from the studio

After a serious de-cluttering and cleaning session, my studio is beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thought I’d show you around a bit. Function is the name of the game here.

studio waterstone blog


My dad was an artist-wannabe. But alas, an engineer he was and the only evidence of this desire is this lovely paint-by-number painting which is dear to my heart and sits atop the new storage case. Someday I’ll frame it.



the Juki – a.k.a. the monster



This is as clutter free as the worktable gets – neat stacks. My worktable is made from a HEAVY wooden door. The Plyler fellas built the base which includes a large bottom shelf. I’ve tacked a kingsize sheet around the outer perimeter to hide the ugly.


Stacks of leather and baskets of my homemade patterns. There is no way to make this shelf look nice.
I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.



My clip holder (a great way to use the kids art)


possibly a backpack? still haven’t decided


a future leather bag – one of two I have slated


playing with leather patchwork


iPad cutouts


under the table – scrap basket and another basket of recycled structural pieces
That’s it! A work in progress – always.

uppers and downers

Today’s post is sprinkled with ups and downs.
Time for things to slow down which is a good thing because my arm is ready to fall off. The tendonitis has flared something terrible and, well, remember that question I asked on Wednesday? The one about defining moments?
I actually had two answers to that question. The second I didn’t want to face. But in my heart I knew. I can’t sew. Not a lick. Not if I ever want my arm to heal. You have no idea how hard it is for me to turn down work, but that’s exactly what I’m doing.
So, what’s a girl to do? For the time being, I’m returning to my first love of painting. Broke out the watercolors and began to doodle today. I’m also going to focus on photography. And talking to you.
Beggar (somewhere in between): I hope you’ll be patient and stay with me.
Downer (and totally random): My blogroll completely disappeared. Did you take it?
Because I need it.


Upper: The handbags and sewing will return later. But for now…

Upper: I heart eyes and faces. It’s why I painted portraits for so long.
So there you go. I said it. Out loud. And it didn’t hurt. Figuratively speaking.
Super Upper:
Let’s hope this journey is full of wonderful turns and deliciously creative messes. Hm?
Care to take a spin into the world of doodling with me?
You never know. Something good may just come from it.

a studio peek and a reminder

Be forewarned. I’m ending the week with a peek inside my studio. And I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s due for a thorough cleaning followed by a serious dose of color.

Items to be mailed out.

A custom backpack.

Love this card. Don’t they look happy?

Me…er…a long time ago.
I’m the one with the super mod striped dress, knee socks, and corsage.

The heavy machinery, a.k.a. The BAG Maker

Geez, it looks like a man with absolutely no imagination or creativity resides here.


The Reminder…

The shop is beginning to dwindle and free shipping is on the table.
Just sayin’.

Have a wonderful Saturday. Play, but don’t hurt yourself.

things and other things

Popping in to say TGIF and to apologize for being so AWOL. The busy-ness of the season has taken me body and soul – or so it seems.

A few studio pics from my Instagram with one extra thrown in for good measure. I said that I was so maxxed out that I wouldn’t work. You didn’t really believe that, did you?


Finished this one yesterday and hoping to wrap up three more today.

Have a fabulous Friday.


Man, has this been one heck of a bizarre week. First I have the dream. Afterward, on that very day my hubs makes his final decision career-wise to put our family on a different course – a little scary but exciting. (It’s not etched in stone and written in blood yet so I can’t get specific.)

So, on that VERY SAME DAY we realize our house will be going up for sale. Hubs begins to round up realtors to interview. On that VERY DAY we get a call from our builder who would like to show our house as a favor to a couple who want the same floor plan. THEN when he learns that we’re moving he says that during the recession he obtained his realtor’s license and would like a shot at being our realtor. THEN ON THAT VERY DAY he calls back later to say that the couple would love to look at our house


Which would be today.

We had one day to ready the house to show. Yeah. Fun times.
BUT as a result…

studio waterstone eco friendly handbags
my studio…

studio waterstone eco friendly handbags
is so clean…

studio waterstone eco friendly handbags

…it scared the cat.

I need a drink.



I’m trying my bestest to give away that pretty little necklace in the top right column.

Giveaway ends tomorrow night. That would be Sunday at 11:59 p.m.


beautiful organization