my sketchbook – birds of a feather


A couple of weeks ago I showed you the early stages of this sketch and I finished it while in Ohio. I hope you like it. But don’t fly away, I have a question (or two) for you at the end.








I’ve had quite a few folks ask if I would consider selling my artwork. To be honest, I would be terribly honored and thrilled. I did a series of limited edition prints in the 90’s but at that time it was a long, expensive process. I’ve heard that it’s not as difficult now and prints can be offered at a much lower price point than before.
I would like to know if it’s worth diving deeper in to find the best options for offering prints or printable copies. If you’d feel more comfy, please leave an anonymous comment with your opinion. So here goes (I’m kinda scared to ask these questions)…
What’s your opinion?
Would you have an interest in actually purchasing prints?

If you have any knowledge of the printing process
or if you’ve purchased prints in the past…

Please let me know what form of print you received – was it actually mailed or were you given the option to print a high resolution image?

Thank you so, so much for your time and opinions.


diy paintbrush holder – part two

So, last time I traveled to Ohio I needed a quickie, inexpensive way of carrying my brushes so that they wouldn’t be damaged. I fashioned this easy holder. Turns out that I left out a few steps and my brushes weren’t as secure as originally planned. Hey, it happens.

Not to worry, it was a quick fix and cost no addition money. I used a scrap of the original felt and my handy sewing machine although this could easily be completed by hand.

Here’s my quick fix and let me tell you, it works perfectly now.





I’m carrying my brushes home today as I make the trek back to Atlanta. Here we go!
Have a fantastic Tuesday. And by all means, do something creative.

my sketchbook


Living away from my full-time home is surprisingly busy. I brought lots of linen, embroidery thread and just enough leather to play with new pouches and clutches.



I’ve assembled a rag tag team of thrift store frames in black, silver and gray for cheap, easy apartment wall decor. Planning to display black & white family photos – more to follow.
And, from my sketchbook


…it’s all about birds – birds of a feather.






Finished product later this week.
Oh, and happy spring! Ohio is downright balmy!
Flat and balmy. 🙂

new things on the way

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

Remember this? I made it for myself to house my pencils and markers.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

I made a baby pouch, too. Actually, I’ve cut out two baby pouches and two mama pouches.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

(Still working on my photography)

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

Both the large and small bags are great for holding art supplies, jewelry supplies, or makeup.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

Each one will be different and…

Istudio waterstone handbags & accessories

They will be followed up with linen bags and pouches.
I’m so happy to be making things again. I know. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

a new pencil pouch from recycled goodness


Yeppers, I made something. (and I’m making a handbag, too!) It’s the sweetest little pencil pouch to hold my collection of markers. I say sweet and little like it’s, well, sweet and little. It’s about 10.5″ long and this baby is like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag!

It’s made with recycled fabrics, leather and hardware and I love this little sucker so very much that I refuse to share, or giveaway or even sell. HOWEVER, I’m thinking of making a few additional pouches to sale.

And another thing…



I’m practicing my product photography.


Trying to “professional-ize” things a bit and I’d love your opinion, constructive criticism, etc.


I know, I know, I need a model holding the pouch for size reference. But my model is on spring break! So there ya go.

i heart macro


This was my pumpkin from Halloween (yes, you read that right). I had this brilliant idea to test out the Punkin-Chunkin theory. So, after Halloween I stashed the firm, round, pretty pumpkin in the shrubs (yes, our shrubs), waiting for the perfect opportunity and ideal condition – whatever that is.


We found the pumpkin this past weekend.
It took a pitchfork and several trips to clean it out.
I blamed it on the kids.
LOVE last weeks shot from Through the Lens: RAD Photography.
It’s time for “I Heart Macro” slash “I Heart Close Ups: Up Close Photography for Macro Makers and the Camerologically Challenged”. Join me by blogging your up close/macro picture of the week. Grab the button* to show that you’re participating and link up here. Then be sure to visit other participants and spread the macro love.

studio waterstone
<a href=””><img src=”; width=”240″ height=”169″ alt=”studio waterstone” /></a>

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sketchbook – more on logo design

If you’ve followed along this week here and here, you may be happy to see that I’ve (tentatively) arrived at a new logo design – I think. This has the word actually drawn out as so many suggested and it also means that I’ll stop bothering you with my wobbly decision-making processes. So, here ’tis, the (tentatively) final product. At least for now.

final logo

Of course, now I’m thinking that I should also sketch “waterstone”. Sheesh.
What’s on tap for today?
I’m still trying to dig into, around, and out of my dilapidated studio. Pray for me.
How about you? Weekend plans?
Take a picture and join me tomorrow for
“I Heart Macro” slash “I Heart Close Ups: Up Close Photography for Macro Makers and the Camerologically Challenged”