my sketchbook – birds of a feather


A couple of weeks ago I showed you the early stages of this sketch and I finished it while in Ohio. I hope you like it. But don’t fly away, I have a question (or two) for you at the end.








I’ve had quite a few folks ask if I would consider selling my artwork. To be honest, I would be terribly honored and thrilled. I did a series of limited edition prints in the 90’s but at that time it was a long, expensive process. I’ve heard that it’s not as difficult now and prints can be offered at a much lower price point than before.
I would like to know if it’s worth diving deeper in to find the best options for offering prints or printable copies. If you’d feel more comfy, please leave an anonymous comment with your opinion. So here goes (I’m kinda scared to ask these questions)…
What’s your opinion?
Would you have an interest in actually purchasing prints?

If you have any knowledge of the printing process
or if you’ve purchased prints in the past…

Please let me know what form of print you received – was it actually mailed or were you given the option to print a high resolution image?

Thank you so, so much for your time and opinions.

my sketchbook – springing forward


Hi all! Ready for the weekend? Jeff and I already have lots on the table for Saturday and Sunday.

For me, the phrase “spring forward” has various definitions at the moment. Of course, I’m so glad that spring is here and the days are longer. At the same time, I’m sketching and doodling every day as the creativity for new bags feels bottled up inside of me. I have so many new ideas to try out and can’t begin until I “spring forward” to my studio in Georgia next week.

For now, I’ll try to concentrate on enjoying the lovely spring days in front of me, reminding myself to slow down and live each day.




Have a wonderful weekend. Do you have special plans?

my sketchbook


Living away from my full-time home is surprisingly busy. I brought lots of linen, embroidery thread and just enough leather to play with new pouches and clutches.



I’ve assembled a rag tag team of thrift store frames in black, silver and gray for cheap, easy apartment wall decor. Planning to display black & white family photos – more to follow.
And, from my sketchbook


…it’s all about birds – birds of a feather.






Finished product later this week.
Oh, and happy spring! Ohio is downright balmy!
Flat and balmy. 🙂

my sketchbook: making lemonade

When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted to learn calligraphy. But I couldn’t.

Wanna know why?


It’s because I’m left handed and the one calligraphy booklet I owned was, of course, intended for right-handed people. So I made lemonade from lemons.


I studied my book (which I still have – somewhere) and carefully drew the script with markers.


It was by no means perfect.


But over the years I learned to accept that fact and began to love the quality of hand drawn letters.


It is what it is. My most frequently used new phrase.
I like to add this part…
So make it count.
P.S. Next week I’ll try to get something besides letters in that sketchbook.