must have box

studio waterstone bags

Jeff has this old wooden box in his apartment which supports his television.
I am madly in love with this box.
studio waterstone bags

It provides the perfect backdrop for photographing my small bags.
The sun streams in perfectly. Shadows are ideal (for me anyway).

studio waterstone bags

I must have this box.

studio waterstone bags

Wonder if he would notice it missing when I leave.
(the bag is from a new linen collection. more on that later.)

new things on the way

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

Remember this? I made it for myself to house my pencils and markers.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

I made a baby pouch, too. Actually, I’ve cut out two baby pouches and two mama pouches.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

(Still working on my photography)

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

Both the large and small bags are great for holding art supplies, jewelry supplies, or makeup.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

Each one will be different and…

Istudio waterstone handbags & accessories

They will be followed up with linen bags and pouches.
I’m so happy to be making things again. I know. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

baby steps

A new week begins as I babystep back into the studio. First order of business is cleaning and purging. The last time I really worked was before Christmas and, quite honestly, I couldn’t even see the bottom of my worktable. Yes, it was that bad.

studio waterstone blog

spring linens and cottons

studio waterstone blog


I’m so excited to say that I’ve cut out two iPad cases in beautiful, vibrant colors as well as one ikat-styled tote and another medium tan leather tote. Cannot WAIT to get started.

studio waterstone blog

baby steps


a stack of light colored recycled leather waiting to become something special


It won’t happen at my old rate. In all honesty, my business doesn’t have a chance of gathering full steam until this fall. BUT…
Things are progressing and they’re promising. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel and I think it’s time to begin very slowly. Remaining slow, but progressing just the same. With baby steps.
And I can’t wait.

randomness, burn out, and a question for you

Today I began working on two new bags with a mix of leather and fabric. Below is my last big piece of this recycled wool – oh, how I wish I had more. This will have a dark strip of recycled brown leather across the bottom and a couple of great straps at the top.

studio waterstone bags

And this will be my first attempt at a backpack. It will have a recycled brown leather zippered pocket on the front, brown leather straps which zip together and this red leather detailing.

studio waterstone bags

More randomness…
Check out this new iPhone App! It’s called CamWow.
I can’t help but think that some serious creativeness can come from this app.

Pretty Oreo…

Pretty Sophie…

Yikes! What the what? I look like the creature from the black lagoon.


Seems I’m experiencing burn out – recognized it. Been there. Done that.
So I think I’ll throw up the old hands, vacate work and blogland for the entire week of Thanksgiving. Oh my. Can she really do it???

About that question…

What’s your best cure for burnout?

from tiny pouches to weekenders

While away last week, I could only work on what I could carry. And because nobody was willing to move a cast iron, industrial Juki, I worked on a much smaller scale.

studio waterstone bags

Zippered pouches, embroidery needles, and yarn are the perfect traveling companion.
They don’t talk back and they look pretty after a long day.

studio waterstone bags
studio waterstone bags

Now that I’m back in the studio, my focus has shifted because the shop is sorely lacking handbags and totes.

studio waterstone bags

Today, I finished this large leather weekender. It’s soft and scrunchy and did I say large? It won’t go into the shop for another day or so as I need to corner my model. (Making the handbag was easier than cornering the model, if that’s any indication)

Handbags and totes will be on the agenda for at least the next two weeks. Leather handbags, such as the one shown above, are made without one of my patterns, which translates into more hours per bag which is kinda fun especially when each bag is totally different.

Speaking of…
It’s been a long time since I asked for your opinion…and your opinion matters!
What kind of handbag do you prefer?
Small with a few necessities or large with lots of room?
Single strap or double?
Leather or fabric?
Artistic touches or classically simple?
Colorful or neutral?