tgif and just in case


Since returning to Atlanta early in the week, I haven’t even allowed myself time in the studio. Truly, my young adult, college attending kiddos do a fabulous job of house-minding. Cleaning is another story. Oh. My. Gosh.


AND I’m allowing no time for fun-ness because I’m on a seriously, procrastinated induced path to finishing the taxes. So not left brained. So distracted with every beat of my heart.


So, just in case you (like me) need a little chuckle, a little (just a little) pick-me-up as the week winds down, I give you this lovely little watercolor print, given to me by dear friends. Apparently, they immediately thought of me when they saw it. Anyway…


“Same sheet – different day!”
Have a grand Friday and an even grander weekend.

my sketchbook – springing forward


Hi all! Ready for the weekend? Jeff and I already have lots on the table for Saturday and Sunday.

For me, the phrase “spring forward” has various definitions at the moment. Of course, I’m so glad that spring is here and the days are longer. At the same time, I’m sketching and doodling every day as the creativity for new bags feels bottled up inside of me. I have so many new ideas to try out and can’t begin until I “spring forward” to my studio in Georgia next week.

For now, I’ll try to concentrate on enjoying the lovely spring days in front of me, reminding myself to slow down and live each day.




Have a wonderful weekend. Do you have special plans?

a happy friday at home

After driving for ten hours yesterday through the snow, rain, sleet, and wind (okay it wasn’t that bad) I arrived home feeling like this…


After a good night’s sleep, I’m kinda like this…


So itching to get going that I don’t know what to do first – vacuum, clean bathrooms, do laundry…
I think I’ll blog and wish you a happy, inspired Friday instead.
Have a good one!

tgif, also known as, tgi freakin’ f

Glad it’s Friday? I love Mondays and I love Fridays. In between is so-so.

Mr. W flies in tonight! Wah-hoo! I miss that man. But ya know? I have to admit that after 24 years and two kids, I’m kinda enjoying my time alone. Cook what I want. Watch what I want. Bathe IF I want. Just kidding on the last one…er…okay…I’m not.

So, it’s been absolutely gorgeous this week and the Soph monster and I have walked together every day. Here’s what we saw.

studio waterstone
Colorful leaves make my heart go pitter patter. I heart colorful leaves.

studio waterstone
Lots of feathers along the path. Me thinks a bird joined the circle of life.

studio waterstone
studio waterstone
See that beach? It shouldn’t be there. At all. That’s how desperate we are for rain.

studio waterstone
A visitor at my back door. Sophie walked right by it. It had better thank it’s lucky stars it wasn’t a lizard! Otherwise, Soph would have taken notice and it would have joined the circle of life, too.
Moving along…

studio waterstone
Hot dog. Happy hot dog.

Please do me a huge favor and have a terrific weekend.

happy, happy

studio waterstone

(enjoying the final fruits of our summer labor)

Happy Happy, Joy Joy It’s Friday!

After what one could safely describe as an eventful week, I’m thrilled to see Friday.

We have friends coming through both today and tomorrow.

It’ll be so wonderful to celebrate our happy news with them.

Breaking bread, sharing the wine (and beer), laughing.

Lots of laughing.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

tgif. and you?

studio waterstone handbag in progress

Blogger is back! Yippee Yahoooo! And I lost my last post, too. Which was actually a blessing because I’ve been having a “woe is me” week and it will forever be known as the saddest little, pitiful me post. Hopefully it’s lost somewhere in the blogosphere, never to be seen again.

studio waterstone clutch in progress

Kinda glad the weekend is almost here. I’m wrapping up tomorrow – yep – first time in weeks. I’ve got sneaky peek pictures here of the sweetest little handbag (top) and three new clutches.

So what say you? Big weekend plans?

tgif. and you?

Happy, happy, joy, it’s (almost) the weekend! I’m hoping for a perfectly uneventful one myself. Although with one house currently on the market and sunshine in the forecast, we’re like little boy scouts around here – always prepared. Sheesh.

studio waterstone handbags

studio waterstone handbags

I’m putting together a tote or two using colorful recycled goodness.
(Details tomorrow with the weekly wrap)

studio waterstone handbags

This is a fine Dooney & Bourke I stumbled upon this week while thrifting. Er, it’s a knockoff…
but nice leather! Would I carry it? Absolutely not! Only Studio Waterstone bags here.
Anything else would just be wrong.

Planning for big things this weekend? Do tell.