it’s time!

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for summer veggies.  well, time to PLANT summer veggies.

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in pots for just a bit.  until it’s REALLY time…before it’ll REALLY be time.

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tomatoes, squash, cucumber, peppers, canteloupe, sweet potatoes & we’re trying watermelon.
yep.  that just about does it.

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Sophie says hi.


blossoms, thorns and three leaf clovers


What with all the gorgeousness outside these days, we grab every chance to soak up the fresh air and enjoy nature. Prime example #1 – tagging along for an afternoon game of golf.


Follow serious golfers from a safe distance, avoiding the path of the club and/or ball at all costs. Allot appropriate time to search for four leaf clovers, geese, spring blossoms, interesting bridges and/or water residers.

Said allotted time may not coincide with serious golfer’s idea of a quick game of golf.



Take care to avoid trees with gigantic thorns. Apparently this is a serious golf trap.
Or a scene from Harry Potter. Or The Hunger Games.


Safe distance.


loveliness and comfort

Just returned this afternoon from my parent’s house. My sister, Anne, and I worked from Monday through Wednesday to clean and stage. Visiting with my sister and her hubby was wonderful and the time spent in my former home brought both comfort and wonderful memories.
In the end, the house looked so beautiful that I briefly thought we should take pictures to send to Mom and Dad! We both laughed and then Anne said that she liked to imagine that they would drop in for a little visit – a nice thought, so we decided to stick with that.
Now, I have several “new” things to show you.
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First, I found this Jo Totes camera bag while thrifting! Fuh real! It was truly a “double-take, then grab” moment. Fellow thrifters (and camera buffs) will most certainly relate.

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It’s in perfect condition inside with all of the padding and the long strap included.

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While in North Carolina, I hit my favorite fabric store and found lots of amazing remnants. I am so freaking in love with these patterns and colors.

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Beautiful things from Mom’s. She loved to entertain.

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studio waterstone blog

So good to be back. Enjoy your Friday!

peace and new toys

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I thought I’d get my usual – a lump of coal. But Santa had other things in mind. He brought me a camera which I do not know how to use. All those buttons…and I can’t turn off the flash!

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My sweetheart was home for a long weekend. The animals were in heaven.
So was I.

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I’m spending the week reading the instruction manual
and spending time with family
and recuperating
and cleaning
and playing.
I hope you’re doing the same.
(minus the cleaning part – wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy)
See you right back here this Sunday for I Heart Macro.
(maybe I’ll figure out how to work the camera by then)

bragging rights!

Of course, I’m not sure that I have the right to brag. After all, I didn’t do a thing except give birth to the model, toil over her for almost 19 hard years and…okay. I don’t have the right.


On the other hand, our fabulously talented photographer, Kelley Wenzel of Pear Tree Photography, deserves praise for her beautiful shots. Yes, we’re talking the very same Kelley Wenzel from Kelley’s Beads. Seriously, this much talent should be outlawed – but not until I get my pictures!

Now you’ve seen my model’s face, something that doesn’t happen often around here!
For my bragging, I borrowed a couple of preview pics from the photo shoot.

Want to see a few more? Head over to Kelley’s blog to see her beautiful work.

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

Serious can be so dull. I think it’s good to intersperse the deep, thoughtful questions with a few light, cheerful, thoughtless ones. Don’t you think? So, this week we’re swinging more toward thoughtless.

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The unhealthiest meal I’ve eaten is…

My Answer:

Okay, once Jessie (my model) and I were having a girl’s weekend. It was before she got sick so she must have been about 11. Anyway, we rented fun chick flicks and each ate a massive plate of homemade french fries then topped it off with hot fudge brownies a la mode for dessert. Jessie got a stomach ache. I think I finished her fries. 🙂

Now it’s your turn. Spill.


Hi all! I’m going AWOL today. Mr. W had a layover in Atlanta yesterday on his way to Columbus and, well…I kidnapped him. He’s not allowed to return until Sunday. Totally spontaneous!

Hoping you have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow for I Heart Macro.